Wednesday, October 22, 2008


most people today have smoking habit...although they already knew that smoking can bring a lot of problem from healthy aspect...besides that, it also cost a lot of money to buy it..since the price of cigarette totally increase per year...

according to the Internet, things that made smoking dangerous is because of the risk of having cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases.the risk of dying from lung cancer is more than 22 times higher among men who smoke cigarettes and about 12 times higher among women who smoke cigarettes compared with never smokers.

Cigarette smoking increases the risk for many types of cancer, including cancers of the lip, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, pancreas, larynx (voice box), lung, uterine cervix, urinary bladder, and kidney.


Most people today take soft drinks as their diet daily and rarely drink mineral. this habit could bring healthy problem to the people.

according to the Internet, Until the 1980s, soft drinks obtained in the form of refined cane . Today in the United States HFCS is used nearly exclusively as a sweetener because of its lower cost. However, HFCS has been criticized as having a number of detrimental effects on human health, such as promoting diabetes, hyperactivity, hypertension, and a host of other problems.

as away to prevent this kind of disease, people should drink a lot water and eat fruits daily.
besides that, they should do a lot of exercise to release toxin in the body.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

love after married...nice right? it feel having a couple..?
some people think that having a couple is a simple thing and didn't sense anything, they also have several partner before and just continue to have couple depends on their needs and where are they study or living...they will find a new couple when they enter matrix..and then find a new couple in university after they clashed before leaving matrix...

depends whether they found a girl or a boy that they like ( mostly based on their beauty or handsome), then they will declare as their partner or new trend now is "teman tapi mesra"...they will close together but mention it as a friend..although its look totally like a couple..

how come they just simply attract to someone and get couple...? didn't they think that..since we are born,god had fixed a partner for everyone and when the time has come,we will meet our real life partner that god had fixed for us....what ever it is..when the time arrive, a good girl will meet a good guys,not as her boyfriend..but as her husband...just like the picture after married...

holiday is coming...yuhuuuuuu!!!!

planning to go for a travel in this semester holiday...?

during the semester break, have fun with visiting the most popular & interesting place in M'sia or in should spend this time totally with your family and friends..after you have been concentrate to your study for the past 6 months in university...

this valuable time should be use to relieve your tension and also to learn something for the life...may be something about art, sport or maybe something related to your culture..for example, you can learn about making "ketupat" or any traditional dishes...

travel to places that you have never been is also an exciting activity during the holiday...
you can practise your survive skill on your own or with some one's helps...this is the time you explore your own skill and explore the places you want to go...

aja-aja..., fighting..!!!!!

looking at the picture above, what comes up in your mind....?
did you think about the way you spend your time everyday...or just wondering what you should do to kill your time?

older always say that "time is gold for human" you think so...?
i agreed with that statement...time that we have spend cannot be went away just like that...But...we have to improve our management in spending time in our whole life...
past is past..but we can still do something in our future and even this moment... we still can change the destiny of our future life...

so...ready to change?...according to the Internet,there are some tips that you can apply in managing your time perfectly...
  • Try to do your planning at the same time every day
  • Use only one planner to keep track of your appointments
  • Visualize your long term picture of success and put it in writing
  • Review your goal frequently. Your goal should be specific, measurable, achievable and compatible with where you are now.
  • Write out a To Do list every day.
  • Separate your To Do list according to their priorities.
  • Be your own manager. Ask yourself if you have met your goals, and what changes you plan to make to achieve them.
  • Do it now. People will often say "Call me next week, and we'll book an appointment then." Respond by saying, "Let's save ourselves a call and do it now."
  • Always plan time for balance; include family, fitness, recreation, social and spiritual activities.
  • Conduct a time study to see how you're doing and where the opportunities for improvement lie.
so...start a new life that can bring you to a good destiny and a bright future...aja-aja fighting..!!!!